Julie Edmondson
Julie EdmondsonDirector

Welcome To Moore Digital

Hi, I’m Julie Edmondson and I’m the founder of Moore Digital.

We are based in Northumberland and have over 10 years marketing, digital marketing, business development and sales knowledge and experience gained within SME’s and large Corporate Companies across a diverse range of industries Nationwide.

Our Approach

We offer a professional but personal approach, working closely with you to fully understand you and your company, ensuring clear objectives are defined.

We will analyse your business, research the market and develop digital marketing solutions that best serve your business and marketing objectives.

We will help you to understand what’s required in today’s digital market so you can plan where you need to go; focusing on delivering results through a clear, measurable digital marketing strategy.

Do You Need Our Help?

Without a structure or strategy you are fire-fighting; to get started, ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • Who is your target market? How do you reach, interact and engage with them online?
  • Who are your competitors? How do you stay ahead of your competition?
  • Does your website offer an excellent user experience?
  • Which social media networks have you joined and why?
  • Do you monitor and analyse your website traffic? If not, why not?

We would love to hear from you so if you would like to discuss your requirements please


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